Understanding IP and URL Change Notifications

December 5th 2013 9:00 AM

Pacific Standard Time

Joshua Maher and Zach Beers - Microsoft

60 minutes

Join us for this Ignite Webcast as we discuss Understanding IP and URL Change Notifications.

We’re making it easier to understand outbound filtering for Office 365. We have updated our guidance and are consolidating the touch points to make outbound filtering easier to enable for your business. Join us for a recap of the current changes, some insight into the future changes, and an engaged Question and Answer session.

We are excited to have Josh Maher and Zach Beers lead our latest Ignite Webcast. Josh is a Content Developer for Office 365 at Microsoft. He works on content solutions that complement the tools and processes within the product. Zach Beers is a service engineer in Office 365. He focuses on resolving the highest pain point issues for customers and works across the many product teams to ensure a unified approach. This is a great opportunity to join a discussion with our Microsoft presenters. Bring your questions!

Remember, to sign up for this webcast please download and save the attached calendar invite above. We are excited to see you there!